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These sites are still being beta tested, and you can only use them if you get an invitation. Most will send you and invite if you request one, but it takes a little time. If you want to see what new things are on the horizon, check them out and see if you can get invited.

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  1. Stephanie Walker said,

    Hi Sam. I’m a librarian (officially, the Associate Librarian for Information Services – basically head of reference) at Brooklyn College in New York. I got to this wiki from a posting you made to the Library 2.0 interest group in Facebook. Just wanted to say thanks for posting an interesting, diverse, and useful list – and to ask a quick question about how you came to choose WordPress? We are revamping our internal wiki for our Information Services (reference & instruction, basically) department, and ended up picking MediaWiki, even though the learning curve is a bit higher. But we wanted to use something that had a strong user community, and that allowed us to host things on our own servers, because we’re trying to use a wiki to hold all of our handouts, instructional slides, policy files, and heaven knows what else – and our old wiki, in PBwiki, was running out of space. I uploaded 3 sets of slides, and it was nearly full. But I’m wondering about the decision; the part-timer who created the wiki is about to leave, and we can’t replace her (isn’t it always the way …) How did you come to use WordPress, and is it relatively simple to use? Did you start by using this software, or did you have another wiki that you had to convert? Thanks for any thoughts …

    Stephanie Walker
    Brooklyn College

  2. supercrazylibrarianguy said,

    Hi Stephanie,
    This page that we’re looking at isn’t actually the wiki that i refer to in my post. WordPress is an open source blogging software. I chose it because it’s open source, and also because the Pages feature lets me have a blog on the front, but keep pages of more static information in the background (like this master list.) The wiki is at . That wiki is run by (i believe) the Oregon Library Association library instruction round table. The instructionwiki is a Mediawiki wiki, and i know what you mean about the learning curve. Of course, now I go into other wikis and I think I’m doing something wrong, so there you have it.

    This blog is at, and is online and public. You can get a blog software to host on your own server. My library has this for our internal, information services blog, so I can’t send you a useful link to it. However, it would be possible to create as many pages as you needed, and label each one something new, and have that list be in your sidebar. If you want to have more than a couple dozen pages, this might start to look a little muddy, however.

    A wiki can be a great way to go for what you want to do, and if you’re willing to learn media wiki, it’s a nice enough software. Let me know if you have any more questions!

  3. werutzb said,


    I want to improve my SQL knowledge.
    I red that many SQL resources and would like to
    get more about SQL for my position as mysql database manager.

    What can you recommend?


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