08.2 – goodreads

  1. Go to goodreads (http://www.goodreads.com) and click “get started.”
  2. Fill out the form. Once you’ve given your name, email and a password, you’re ready to go.
  3. You can import information from an Excel Spreadsheet, if it’s formatted properly. Goodreads has an example of an Excel file (http://www.goodreads.com/review/import) that you can look over for reference (once you’ve signed in to your account).
  4. You can search for books through Goodreads, and quickly add them to your list. Goodreads looks for books at Amazon.com and at their own site.
    • This is different from LibraryThing. LibraryThing looks for books at Amazon.com, the Library of Congress, and 68 other libraries, but you have to do a separate search at LibraryThing in order to see what’s on LibraryThing.
  5. To search for books at Goodreads, just click on “Add more books.”
    • You can search by title, author (or both at once) and ISBN. This will attempt to locate your book at Amazon.com or Goodreads.
    • You can also manually add books by filling out a simple form. This is pretty similar to LibraryThing, although I like goodreads form better – it’s a little clearer on what should go in each field.
  6. Adding books that you find in your searches is much quicker at goodreads than at LibraryThing.
    • Whether you’re looking at just the book record or a list of books, you can add a title to your list of books with two clicks. To do this, look at a list of books. Each one has five stars next to its title, as well as the phrase “add to my books.” If you click on the number of stars you would give the item, it will automatically add it to your list of books.
    • After adding the book in such a way, your option changes to “add my review.” We’ll come back to that momentarily.
    • The other choice “Add to my books,” will open up a form, which allows you more customization. Among other things, you can select a “shelf” on which to place the book you’re adding.
    • “Shelves” fall into several generic categories, but you can also customize and make your own shelf names. This can be great if you have a large collection of items, and you want to be able to differentiate them better.
    • By clicking on the drop-down menu next to “choose shelves” you are given the option of selecting from two pre-made shelves, “currently-reading” and “to-read,” as well as the option of creating a new shelf, or editing an existing shelf.
    • When you select and name a new shelf, the item is automatically added to that shelf. If you want it to be on more than one shelf, you can look at the item record later, select “edit” next to the bookshelves, and add another shelf to the item.
  7. If you have more than 50 items added to your goodreads account, you can apply for librarian status. This will give you the ability to edit records.


Things To Do

  1. Add some books to your list.
  2. Put them on different shelves.
  3. Write reviews of two of the books.
    • To write a review of a book on your list, click “edit my review” (even though you don’t yet have a review to edit) or (depending on which list you’re in…) “edit” and fill in the form provided.
    • In your review, link to another book and the author using the formatting tips show next to the form.
  4. Add a goodreads widget to your blog or MySpace profile, if you are able. You can find the link when you are on the My Books page. In the top right corner of the page where it says “tools” there is a link to “widgets.”
  5. Write a blog post and link to your profile. Add your profile to your blogroll.

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