08.1 – LibraryThing

  1. Go to LibraryThing (http://www.librarything.com/) and “Take the tour,” to read a little bit about the different features of LibraryThing.
  2. Sign up for an account.
  3. Add books to your library
    • Just type in the title, author, or ISBN (a nice feature for those of you who have bar-code scanners at your desk…), and then select your book from the list that pops up on the right. You can search Amazon or the Library of Congress.
    • If your book or edition does not appear, you can build a new record for it from scratch by clicking “Add the book manually”
  4. Tag your books –
    • You can add tags to your books when you are building your library, or by clicking the pencil icon next to the record.
  5. Write reviews of your books
    • To write a review of a book, you have to click on the ‘pencil’ icon next to the book on your library page.


Things To Do

  1. Explore the Suggestions – try the book Suggester and Un-Suggester.
  2. Add your profile to your blogroll.
  3. Add LibraryThing and your profile to your del.icio.us list.
  4. Write a blog post – What if the library catalog acted like this? What do you like about LibraryThing? What do you wish was different?

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