07.2 – technorati

Technorati (http://technorati.com/) is a search engine that specializes in blogs – you can search through many millions of blogs for posts about your search query. That’s not all – you can also register your own blog, and set it up so that Technorati gets information from your blog whenever you post. You can also add features to your blog that link you to Technorati. Why would you want to do all this? Two reasons: One, to see how it all works, of course! And two, because its another way to build online networks. By creating a Technorati account, you can keep track of who is linking to your blog. By using tags, you can bring people to your blog who are searching for certain things.

  1. Open your blog in one window, and Technorati (http://technorati.com/) in another.
  2. Go to Technorati (http://technorati.com/) and “Join.”
  3. At the bottom of that first form, make sure you click the radio button for “I have a blog and I want to claim it now.”
    • To claim your blog, you have two or three options, Quick Claim and Post Claim and Embedded Claim. #*Because I don’t like giving out my password to anything, I suggest using Post Claim.
    • You will be given a piece of code in a box.
    • Highlight the code, copy it, and then paste it into a new blog post at your blog.
    • Once you’ve published the post, go back to Technorati and click “Release The Spiders!”
    • Proceed through the rest of the setup process.


Search using Technorati

There are several different ways to search using Technorati. Use the same search term for each different type of search, and refine your search using the different methods suggested.

In “In Blog Posts” your results will be a display of recent posts that have your search term contained in them.

In “In Tags” your results will bring in a categorized set of results from Blogs, Visual Media, and Audio, with sample results in each category.

In “In Blog Directory” your search will bring up a list of blogs that have categorized themselves as being about your search term.

Sample Searches:

  1. Your library.
  2. Your library director’s name.
  3. Your town, city, or neighborhood.
  4. Local celebrities.
  5. Your hobbies.

More specific items will have few results in the “In Tags” and “In Blog Directory” categories, but you might be surprised what people are saying about your library or your library director in “In Blog Posts.”


Things To Do

  1. Add a link in your del.icio.us account to a post you found in Technorati, and another link to a Blog you found in Technorati.
  2. Add your Technorati profile to your Blogroll.
  3. Write a blog post about Technorati. Include links in your blog post to Technorati and to at least one of the posts or blogs you discovered.

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