07.1 – Rollyo

If you find yourself searching in the same places, you can Roll Your Own search engine at Rollyo (http://rollyo.com).

  1. Go to Rollyo (http://rollyo.com). Look at some of the different searches you can do with the tools they suggest – try searching for something that interests you in a category they suggest.
  2. From the start page again, click on “Personalize This Search Page.”
    • You will find a list of “Starter Search Engines” that have been made by others at Rollyo and are popular.
    • Click radio buttons to add more engines to your list of possible searches.
    • Click on the name of the search to see a list of URLs where your search will be conducted.
    • For even more different search engines, “Explore Searchrolls.”


Roll Your Own

  1. Create a Profile for yourself, and then make a link to that profile in your Blogroll.
  2. Try “Rolling Your Own” Search Engine! Here are some suggestions for types of Search Engines to roll:
    • Local library catalogs – community colleges, universities, special libraries.
    • Local government pages – county, municipal, departments that are frequently referred to.
    • Alternative health – reputable sites that you would refer library patrons to for information.
    • Travel – Your favorite travel information sites.
    • Stocks, Bonds, and Financial Information – all those sites that deliver stock ticker info.
  3. Some sites are going to work better than others in these searches. Depending on how a site is made, results from that site might not show up, or will show up strangely in your search engine. For example, sites that have a unique URL for every session will not show results.
  4. When you’ve created your own search engine, it will show up on the home page, with the other main search engines at Rollyo. Just click the radio button next to it to choose it for searching.
  5. You can edit your search engine by adding or removing URLs from it.


Things To Do

  1. Look at the other features of the site: “Search With Firefox,” “Searchbox,” and the addition of a “Bookmarklet.”
  2. Write a blog about what you think about Rollyo. What were some of the interesting search engines you tried there? What are some uses that librarians could put this tool to? What search engine did you make? Be sure to include a link to your search engine in the blog post.
  3. Add a link to your custom search engine to the sidebar of your blog.
  4. Add your custom search engine to del.icio.us

Hint: To get the unique URL for your search engine, go to your Profile, and click on the Search Engine that you want. It will appear as a small pop-up window. In the top corner of that little window you’ll see a “Link” button. Click on this, and you’ll get a full page version of your search engine with it’s own unique URL. The format of this URL is http://rollyo.com/username/your_search_engine_name/


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