07 – Search Engines

Look at some different search engines, using the same search term in each one, whenever you can.

Some of these search engines are also social networking sites, which we will explore in depth later.
Google (http://www.google.com)

I’m including Google as a kind of “Control.” i.e. the results of a Google search are probably very familiar looking. Take a look at your results, both in terms of content and layout. How are results divided? What are the top choices?

Technorati (http://www.technorati.com/)

Technorati is one of those engines that might take some getting used to. There are several different ways to sort your results, once you’ve conducted an initial search. Try different things with your results and see what happens.

flickr storm (http://www.zoo-m.com/flickr-storm/)

When I first loaded this search engine, I thought that it had stopped loading in the middle, because there was so little there. Up in the top left corner is your search box. Type your search term and hit Enter. Watch what happens!

keotag (http://www.keotag.com/)

A kind of federated search engine. Type in your search term, and a series of icons appear. Rest your mouse arrow over an icon to see what it represents. Click on an icon to see search results from that source.

similicio.us (http://www.similicio.us/)

similicio.us is a search engine that searches for URLs in del.icio.us, and brings back a series of ‘similar’ websites. Similar might not be the right word – it’s more along the lines of “People who liked this website also liked these websites.”

Rollyo (http://www.rollyo.com/)

Rollyo is a place where you can create your own custom search engine. For now just try searching in the places they suggest.

Wiki.com (http://www.wiki.com/)

This is a search engine just for searching wikis. This is a ‘Google Custom Search.’

Zuula (http://www.zuula.com)

Read through this Library Garden Blog Post About Zuula (http://librarygarden.blogspot.com/2007/03/10-plus-1-questions-with-boris.html#links) to get a good introduction to the search engine.


Things to do

  1. Write a blog post about what you thought about how your different searches went.
  2. Make a link in your blogroll to your favorite search engine/s in this list.
  3. In your Firefox search box, add available search engines.
  4. Add all search engines to your del.icio.us list.
  5. Look through the article The Top 25 Web 2.0 Search Engines (http://oedb.org/library/features/top-25-web20-search-engines) and explore some more search engines there.
  6. Check out Spock (http://www.spock.com), a people search engine that’s still in beta. You may have to ask them to give you an invitation to try it out.

Next Assignment – Roll your own search engine at Rollyo!


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