05.2 – Facebook

  1. Here are some blog posts and articles to get you started on Facebook:
  2. Next, go to Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/) and sign up for an account. It’s very straightforward, and requires only a little information.
  3. Upload a picture to your profile.
  4. Once you’re logged in, “home” will take you to a start page that has news for you about your facebook Friends. “Profile” will take you to your own profile page. Next to the word “Profile” on the tabs, you can see the word “edit.” Clicking this will let you edit your profile – add information about yourself and upload a photo to display.
  5. Join a network. Some networks are geographical – a state or a large city. Others are topical – a movement or an event. Still more are job-related. Here are some library-related networks:
  6. Get some friends:
    • You can let Facebook dig through your email address book to find friends who are already on Facebook.
    • You can connect with people through networks that you join.
    • You can “Search” for friends. Just click on “Search” in the top left corner of your profile screen. You can do a Basic Search for a person, or browse within various categories. Once you’ve found someone you want to be friends with on Facebook, just click on “Add to Friends.” When you select “Add to Friends” you’ll have the option of filling in some details about your relationship with that person. You can skip that step if you want to.
    • Some networks will be hidden from you unless you join them, and some networks you won’t be able to join unless you fulfill some requirements. For example, some high school groups are only for students of that high school. You can still make friends with people in those networks, you just can’t see what’s going on at that network.
  7. Get some applications for your profile page. Click on the word “Applications” in the top left corner of your page. Applications are little things that you can add to your profile page. The best way to get an understanding of these things is to just try some of them out:
  8. As you work in Facebook you will come across many different applications. If you see one that you like, just add it and see how it works. You can drag and drop applications that you’ve put on your page to arrange them in ways that look good to you.
  9. As you learn more about Library 2.0 tools, you’ll see that many of them have applications in Facebook that you can add to your profile. By connecting your profile with other Web 2.0 tools that you’re using, you help develop a dynamic and useful network.
  10. Write about your Facebook experiences in your blog. Put a link to your profile in your Blogroll. Bookmark the blog posts, articles and other interesting items in del.icio.us.

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