05.1 – Myspace

  1. Sign up for an account at MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/)
    • Once you’ve logged in to your account, you’ll get a sparse little page, with headings across the top edge, and a few boxes that show where different components of your page are, and some ads.
    • This is not what other people see when they come to your site. This is what you see, so that you can manage all your MySpace stuff.
    • If you want to see what other people see when they come to your site, click ‘View My Profile.’
  2. Make your MySpace page the Best. Profile. Ever.
    • On your Home page (not your profile) click “Edit Profile.” Click through the tabs and fill in or correct the information in the forms. At the bottom of each page, make sure you “Save All Changes” before you continue.
    • Add your photo
  3. Get funky with the design!
    • To get colors and all kinds of other goodies for your profile, Myspace suggests that you learn html and add code where appropriate. That’s a little vague. Instead of doing all that, go to Thomas MySpace Editor (http://www.strikefile.com/myspace/) or any number of other sites you might see advertised on people’s profiles.
    • Thomas asks you to fill in some blanks. At the end it generates a big block of ‘code.’ You copy the code using Edit – Copy, and then paste the code into the About Me… section of your Interests and Personality.
  4. Search for people, and ask them to be your friend. In MySpace.
    • Click the “Search” tab. Click “Find A Friend.”
    • You have three choices: Name, Display Name, and Email.
      • “Name” is the name the person signed up for their account under. If they were honest, this can work fairly well.
      • “Display Name” can be useful if you know what the persons display name is, and if it isn’t too generic. For example, as of this writing, there are 779 MySpace profiles with the Display Name as “Crazy.”
      • “Email” is the email address they signed themselves up under. This can be the most useful, because you probably already have a list of email addresses, and you can just search each one.
  5. Look for Groups to join – there are all kinds of groups out there on MySpace. Try looking for a library related group. Does your library have a MySpace page or group?
  6. Blog about your experience!
  7. In your blog, add a link to your MySpace Profile in your Blogroll under a new category called “Profiles.” Make sure you add your profile URL and not the URL of your back end page.

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