04.1 – del.icio.us

  1. Read the description of social bookmarking at del.icio.us (http://del.icio.us/about/)
  2. Read the next section on how to get started. (http://del.icio.us/help/getstarted)
  3. Set up an account at del.icio.us. Be sure to add the buttons to your browser!
    • Once you’ve set up an account, and you have the buttons on your browser, you don’t even need to bookmark your del.icio.us account – just click the checkered flag, and you’re there. When you’re on a site that you like, click the “Tag” icon, type in some tags, or click on some of the suggested tags, and add it to your list.
  4. To add all your existing bookmarks to del.icio.us.
    • First, click on “settings” next to your username.
    • Under settings, select “Import/upload” under “Bookmarks.”
    • Follow the directions – there are two steps. Be sure to read both the steps all the way through before starting.
  5. Modify your tags.
    • All the links you’ve imported have the tag “imported” attached to them. Click “edit” next to one of your “imported” links, and add the tags you want. Remove the “Imported” tag. Un-Check the box marked “Do Not Share.” Now, the next time you select “Imported,” only those links that you haven’t changed yet will appear. By unchecking the “Do Not Share” box, you can see your links from elsewhere, and so can other people.

NOTE: Program directors – if you set up a del.icio.us list of your own before hand, you can ask participants to send links to you using the for:username tag, and/or recommend that they tag every post that relates to the program with a unique tag – something with your library’s acronym in it, and an abbreviation of the program title.

Things To Do

  1. Add a link to your del.icio.us list in your Blogroll.
  2. Blog about your del.icio.us experiences. Once you’ve published your blog post, tag just that post in your del.icio.us list.
  3. Once you’ve learned other people’s del.icio.us ID’s, try linking to them, and using the for:username tags to send them tags you think they’d like.
  4. Search del.icio.us for things of interest to you – you might find some interesting sites that would not have come up anywhere near the top of a normal search engine site.
  5. Subscribe in Bloglines to del.icio.us users that have interesting links – you’ll get updated every time they add a link to their del.icio.us account.

NOTE: Program directors – if your library sets up a central del.icio.us account for reference or special collections purposes, you can encourage participants (and anyone else) to subscribe to that central account in their Bloglines. Also, encourage participants to send links of broad interest to the central account with the for:username tag.


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