02.3 – LiveJournal

  1. Go to LiveJournal (http://www.livejournal.com/) and create an account.
  2. Upload a “userpic” to your profile. It doesn’t have to be your real picture – you can scrawl a stick figure and scan it and use that if you want.
  3. Find other users and communities – this is where LiveJournal is different from WordPress and Blogger, in that it has social networking built in to its programming.
    • Searching for Friends and Communities – the advanced search options are available to paid subscribers only. If you aren’t paying for this, you’ll have to be content with browsing. You can browse by geographic region, or look at schools that you have gone to. When you find someone with whom you’d like to be friends, click the little person icon with the plus sign on it.
  4. Write a blog entry about what you think of LiveJournal – compare it to Blogger or WordPress if you’ve started accounts at either of them.
  5. Customize the look of your LiveJournal.
    • Click on the “Journal” tab and select “Customize Journal.”
    • Select the “Look and Feel” tab. Look at the “samples” of the Layout & Language area. When you’ve found one you like, you have to go back to the Look and Fee tab and select the Layout from the drop-down menu – it’s a little clunky.
    • Once you’ve selected a Layout, A variety of Themes will become available. Follow the same method as the with Layout.
  6. Adding Links to your sidebar.
    • Under the Journal Tab select “Customize Journal.”
    • In the Basics area, find the link to “Your link list” and click on it.
    • There are boxes for you to enter URLs and link titles. Add links to your profiles as you make them.

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