02.1 – WordPress

  1. Create A Blog Using WordPress. First, go to WordPress (http://wordpress.com/). Click on “Start Your WordPress Blog,” fill in the forms and follow the directions.
  2. Change Your Password.
  3. Change your site’s theme to match your personality.
  4. Bookmark your URL.
  5. Log out and log back in again – for practice.
  6. Write your first blog entry – introduce yourself, and tell us what you hope to get out of the program.

Things To Do

  1. Familiarize yourself with your Dashboard headings and sub-headings. On your Dashboard you’ll see two quick links, to “Write a Post” and “Add a Link.” These are very important to a smooth running blog. As you get more comfortable blogging and modifying your blog, check out the other headings and settings. If you make any cool discoveries, write about them.
  2. Add links to your Blogroll by filling out a form. Go to the “Links” tab, and click “Add Link.” You can put a URL into the form and give it a title. After you’ve finished there will be a link to that URL on your blog. Try adding some of your favorite blogs from the above list to your blogroll.
  3. As you progress through the program, add the various profiles that you create to your Blogroll. You can create different categories for your Blogroll – name on “Profiles” just for this purpose. When you add a new profile to this list, you have to check the box marked “Profile,” and uncheck the box marked “Blogroll.” This will make more sense later, when you’re doing it.
  4. Each time you post you can give your post categories as well. The “Categories” option appears to the right of where you are writing your post. If you click on the word “Categories,” it will show you which categories are available. You can also add your own categories, like “Reviews,” “Reflection,” “Good Sites,” “Travel,” or “Horses.” You can categorize your posts in more than one location.
  5. If you a writing a post about something you found online, such as a web site or a blog post, create a hyperlink to that thing. To do so, copy the link in the address bar of the place you want to link to. Next, highlight the part of your post you want to turn into a hyperlink. Click on the little chain-link icon, paste the address into the “Link” box, and click “save.” Voila, you have a hyperlink in you blog.

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