twitter issues and potential solutions

July 3, 2008 at 12:31 am (1)

I use twitter off and on – i post there more than i read, which i feel is kind of lame because i’m hoping other people will do what i can’t get myself to do, which is pay attention to the minute details of other people’s lives and follow random links that they micro out there for the world to love.  On the other hand, lots of people seem to like both reading and writing at twitter.  It’s really popular.  It’s popularity has been problematic because they can’t seem to keep things together when something big goes down, like a tech conference or some such thing, and there are suddenly 10,000 more tweets a second clogging the ol’ series of tubes.  Now, to my mind it seems like they should just get bigger tubes, but apparently that isn’t a good idea because if it were someone important would have thought of it and implemented it by now.  So, I figured I would try out a different microblogging tool, and see if it was better for everyone involved.  It’ll be better for me if i can cross post from all my other internet presences, like i can with Twitter.  Anyway, it’s called and you can follow me there if you so desire: I don’t know what I’ll be saying, but you can bet it’ll be short.


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