Video sharing is on the rise!

January 13, 2008 at 8:39 pm (Blogs Of Note)

That’s more exciting to me now than it was six months ago – now i’m making videos for the One Minute Critic.

Hey, while I’m at it, why don’t i make iLibrarian one of my “Blogs Of Note!”

When i first started reading blogs, i went a bit crazy collecting library related blogs.  Then i realized that i could get my fill of library related information, and tech information as it relates to libraries, in just a few blogs, so i went and trimmed things back down.  I do a partial weed of feeds every three or four months, to trim out things that i don’t read, or that i only read because i feel compelled to by their presence in my feed reader.  There are several blogs that never get weeded, and iLibrarian is one of them.

Lately, she has been blogging “by the book,” in that she includes lots of lists, and links to other interesting and helpful resources, and has a smattering of her own opinions and observations placed throughout the blog as well.  Too much of anything is too much for me, and iLibrarian has good variety, posts moderately (a couple per day, at most), and keeps her posts concise.


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