GPS based social network

January 9, 2008 at 11:44 pm (1)


Well, if this is for real, then i think it’s a bit of evidence for the next level of social networking.    It’s a GPS-based social network, where people download free GPS software to their phone, and use it to make their location known to their friends, in real time, on a Google Map.  You can wander around, send pictures to bliin, and have those pictures show up as part of your walk.   It would appear that you can make little “trips” where you walk around, maybe doing a famous walk in Paris or someplace, and take pictures of landmarks and things, and then have all that available in your profile, so people can go through past walks with you, or join you in real-time.

Some next gen stuff that would amp up this site in a big way would be real-time maps of larger cities, or portions of large cities.  Say you have a satellite in geosynchronous orbit over London, for example.  Why not London – it’s already the most watched city on earth, with the most surveillance cameras.  Add in a real-time satellite image of the city, and a social network like bliin, and you have real people moving around the city in realtime, self reporting their location, transmitting news as it happens, etc.  The potential for abuse, is of course, huge.  Talk about a tool for stalkers!

Back to reality:  I think this place is pretty new, but i can’t tell for sure.  I don’t have a GPS enabled phone, and most folks in the US don’t either, at least last time i checked.  So this network might enjoy greater popularity in Europe.  The demo on the site focused on Paris, but had it’s tutorial in English.

Anyway, whether or not bliin is good or bad, or if it is successful or not, it does look like a real, viable indicator of things to come.  Right now it’s your position on a map, plus photos.  Why not video, or even real-time video?  It can’t be far behind.



  1. Susan said,

    My cell phone *can* be enabled (most basic Verizon phone), but I’ve chosen not to. See tool for stalkers… the whole idea is just kind of creepy to me. But maybe it’s just me…

  2. Diego said,

    Do you try

    Ipoki is also a GPS based social network, easier to use with a very simple purpouse: share location with others.

    Search, compare and, if you find something better, buy it!

  3. Diego said,

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