My new years resolution is…

December 26, 2007 at 8:03 pm (1)

Well, my personal resolution will have something to do with getting regular exercise, drinking more water, and learning to play a real song on the guitar.  Achievable goals.  There are a variety of sites out there that try to help you attain your various goals, and signing up for one or several of them might be a fun way to try and keep yourself on track.  I did 43Things a while back, and though i don’t use it so much, i still get a regular email from them reminding me to learn how to play the guitar.  I’m prompted now to go back there and add some new items to the list (like the aforementioned resolutions), and set up the regular emails again, and see if it has any effect on my general unwillingness to do what i tell myself i should do.

I was just over at TechCrunch, and found a nice post with 5 diet and health related social network sites.  I’ll try and dig in to them in more detail later, but in case you missed it there, and if it’s something that presses in on you at the end of the holidays, and you like the way social networks work for supporting you in your goals, then it might be worth heading to one of them right away.  Happy Holidays!


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