December 9, 2007 at 9:13 pm (Library 2.0)

I’ve been on ebay for a couple of years now, mostly as a buyer but more recently as a seller also.  When i first started, there were only a couple of ways to determine what kind of person you were dealing with on the other end of the transaction, mostly from how they described the item for sale and what kind of feedback they had.  Now, ebay has moved into the social networking game, in a effort to go 2.0 – but i have almost no compunction to check out the profiles of sellers, or do anything with my own profile.  It strikes me that the two criteria i’ve been using to determine if i should do business with someone on ebay are good enough.  Plus, social networking is fun and interesting when there relationship is low-pressure.  I’d feel weird making “friends” with a seller, simply because it would never feel genuine to me.  (That, and i rarely make friends in social networks with people i don’t know, or who aren’t part of the library community).

Anyway – anyone else out there who uses ebay – what do you think of the ability to have your own profile?


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  1. Susan said,

    Eh. I saw recently Amazon has started doing the same thing. Kinda creepy, really…

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