Online NW

December 6, 2007 at 6:02 pm (Library 2.0)

I’m preparing my presentation for Online NW 2008, which will be called “Practical Uses of Social Software in Libraries.” I’m building a methodology for approaching new web2.0 tools based on the idea that social software is both a means of communication and a method of information storage, transfer and retrieval. Web2.0 for libraries (or Library 2.0) seems to focus a lot on how libraries can use different tools to communicate with patrons, a kind of digital outreach. While i fully support that, I’m thinking that a kind of focused digital collection development could add a level of service to the outreach already being done. Libraries that don’t have the wherewithal to create and edit video promos for programs can still make use of YouTube and other video sharing sites by gathering together videos that could support high demand areas of their collection, like “How to play guitar,” “sword fighting technique,” or any of a thousand other “how to do it” type videos. The 3-7 minute format (the max on Youtube is 10min.), as far as I can tell, simply means that each video focuses on a very specific technique, like “walking bass lines,” and things like that.

Anyway, by approaching each site for what resources are being generated through that site, and comparing it to your libraries collection development policy, one could create playlists of lots of different videos, add to them over time, take patron suggestions and submissions, and steadily build an online collection of videos for their patrons – YouTube has a lot of great stuff, but like the rest of the internet, there’s some worry in the populace around stumbling onto something of a more adult nature. By gathering and previewing good resources, we can provide access to a great tool. Here’s a couple of YouTube playlists that I’ve started putting together around this idea:

You can also embed a playlist into a site or blog – so if you have a section of your web page to profile new and interesting online resources, you could put a video player there and have different playlists every few weeks to show off new content!


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