Why I love WordPress

November 25, 2007 at 7:59 pm (1)

I’m addicted to checking my blog stats. That’s something in the backend of this blog program, where I can look at how many people visit this blog, what they click on, and where they came from, including what search engine terms they used on their way to clicking on the link to the blog. I’m not entirely sure how it works, but it gives me some interesting insight into what people are looking for when they find my blog randomly, and also some insight into the ways people search for things they’ve seen before but can’t remember where. For example, this Thanksgiving weekend there were a lot of people searching for Zwinky information online. I can only assume that many thousands of bored teens fled to their rooms over the holiday to hunch over their laptops and commune with other Zinkys in cyberspace, and try to figure out how to make more Zwinky money fast so they could get better stuff so it would look like they’ve been on Zwinky “like, forever.”

That’s all happening in my imagination, btw. No hard facts to back that up.

As far as people looking specifically for this blog, having once found it and then wanting to locate it again, this is my favorite search string ever: “webkinz blogs with sam in it”

Well, maybe not my favorite “ever” as in “ever, ever,” but certainly in the top ten somewhere. How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?

(pause… pause… pause… <sound of crickets> pause…)

Hey, if you do read something here and you think that you’d like to keep track of what i talk about and also have an easy way to get back here later, consider adding this blog to an RSS reader.  For a quick how-to and walk-through of putting that together, look in the sidebar under RSS, or just click this link here:  https://supercrazylibrarianguy.wordpress.com/31-bloglines/   Which will take you to the same place.


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