November 13, 2007 at 12:41 am (social sites)

Well, i signed up for a Zwinky profile to see what that’s all about, but ran into some grief because it wanted to download some stuff to my computer.  In Firefox, i was able to get it to work until i wanted to build and clothe my avatar – then it wouldn’t work.  In IE it wouldn’t work either, because i don’t have the latest ActiveX installed.  So it could be a little while before that comes my way.

I might try it out at home, now that i’ve started the process.  I was thinking about looking at some of these sites that target younger audiences, and seeing how they compare with each other, and what the “creep factor” is – like, is there open chat and things like that.

I’ve seen Webkinz in action, and it’s not so bad – you can play lots of games, get cool things for your virtual house, and get stuff for your pet.  You can wander around the Webkinz world and meet other webkinz in and around their houses.  When you want to chat with someone, you can’t type a message – you have to select things to say from a list, like “let’s play a game,” or “see you later” or something like that.  I’m not sure if more open chat is available to other users or not, but i don’t think that it is.

I’ve been hearing about another site like Webkinz, called Club Penguin, in which kids get a penguin avatar, and wander around playing games and meeting other penguins.  There is chat available, but apparently it’s monitored in some way.  I haven’t tried it out yet, and i’m not sure i’m allowed, seeing as how I’m 32 and all.

Then there’s Gaia Online, which has few restrictions.  This is a popular site with the middle school aged set, and was built around the topic of anime and manga, but has since spread out to cover everything.  You can get an avatar with some basic clothing.  To get more clothes and things for your apartment, you need money.  To get Gaia money, you have to post things on messageboards and move around Gaia.  The more you post and move, the more money you get.  There are some really expensive items to get for your avatar, and even the cheap stuff is pretty spendy.  The result is that in order to make your avatar look cool, you have to chat and post hundreds of times, or thousands, even.  The need to post in quantity does little for quality, and there are a lot of non-substantive posts.  Of course, the topics are ones that no middle school aged kid could tire of talking about, so there are a lot of substantive posts, too.  Even though the target audience appears to be low teens, users can be of any age, and there’s not a lot in the way of moderation or monitoring, unless it’s by the community at large.



  1. sharna better than u and cooler lol said,

    you can do lots of thing u might need slang ill tell u some

    pp l= people
    lol = laugh out loud
    rofl = rols on floor laughing
    omg = oh my god
    u = you
    ur = your

    then u can have cheats like ctrl and n TOGETHR and you get all your clothes sorry thats all i know i hope it helps u

    from your friend sharna

  2. Alex hottie said,


  3. supercrazylibrarianguy said,

    I wish i knew what “sharna better than you…” and “alex hottie” were talking about, but maybe it will help others who come to this post in their quest for knowledge regarding Zwinky.

  4. kristan said,

    ok hey how do i get zwinky cheats for money and zchievments? plz plz plz help!
    i need all cheats you kno for zwinky…this is like advise to me. plz help me!!!

  5. kristan said,

    please help me.
    i need cheats for clothes and no the ctrl+n thing doesnt work.
    plz plz plz do help me

  6. supercrazylibrarianguy said,

    Hi Kristan and everyone – This is what I’ve discovered about cheats on Zwinky – whenever one is discovered, it gets posted on one of many different gamers forums, like CheatsGuru or Gamestro or even WikiAnswers and Yahoo! Answers. People are always looking for cheats. What happens is that any new cheat that is discovered and posted somewhere is immediately fixed by the people who run Zwinky. So, for a while there was a cheat where you could hit f5 at a certain point to unlock clothes and money, but as soon as that was revealed, it stopped working. So, my only advice is to play the game as it was made.

  7. MARIAM said,


  8. kathleen said,

    supercrazylibrarianguy your sooo right i tryed the some cheats they worked but i didn,t know how to save them and now i tryed the cheat and it never work again so the people who run zwinky don,t want you to cheat they want u to play the game and actually earn stuff lol they disable any new cheats

  9. jamie--lynn said,

    heyy i no a cheat but it got dleated but may be u can get it to work its shift ctrl n togther

  10. nicole_4ever_135 said,

    i need a cheat 2 unlock my clothes on zwinky.plz plz plz plz plz help!

  11. alexis said,

    Hey plz plz plz plz plz tell me some cheats send me an email on myspace my email is ***************** plz plz plz

  12. kelee said,

    that ctrl and n dont work ive tried it..
    and neither does f5..
    can some plzz get more cheats that acully work..

    • sunshine96001 said,

      This is what I’ve discovered about cheats on Zwinky – whenever one is discovered, it gets posted on one of many different gamers forums, like CheatsGuru or Gamestro or even WikiAnswers and Yahoo! Answers. People are always looking for cheats. What happens is that any new cheat that is discovered and posted somewhere is immediately fixed by the people who run Zwinky. So, for a while there was a cheat where you could hit f5 at a certain point to unlock clothes and money, but as soon as that was revealed, it stopped working. So, my only advice is to play the game as it was made.

  13. pieperson said,

    club penguin is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than zwinky and rox

  14. hHSSS said,

    plz i need help with my zwinky i dont know how to change my user name plz help

  15. driftqueen said,

    wow……no way i agree with supercrazylibrarian

  16. supercrazylibrarianguy said,

    Thanks everyone for commenting – I’m not sure I understand driftqueen’s disagreement, which she seems to agree with, except in the case of her own blog.

    I still say just play the game as it’s made, and if it’s not fun the way it’s made, don’t play it. That seems pretty straightforward. I think it would be kind of interesting if Zwinky would just build cheats in to their game, leak a new one periodically to generate a ton of traffic, and then fix the cheat, so they can leak another one a week or two later.

  17. Cena's fu said,

    Do u have to download stuff 2 get Club Penguin??? And Webkinz alwayz says that my code is wrong o_o . Plz help??? O ya and I wanna know how 2 turn invisible on zwinky.

  18. smartgal180 said,

    dude where is your blog driftqueen

  19. volpeculus said,

    Good Lord, apparently the herds of Gaia have been using Teh Google.

  20. driftqueen said,

    my blog????

  21. volpeculus said,

    Uh oh, Driftqueen’s a dude?

  22. sassysim said,

    how do i unlock clothing free wit a cheat or somthing

  23. Giovanni said,

    uhhh i think its kinda funny cuz people on zwinky actually LISTEN to u.on club penguin u say hi to someone thwey walk out of the room zwinky is way better than club penguin.besides on club penguin u swear once u get banned for a day zwinky gives u 3 chances

  24. Gabrela said,

    so… how DO u get more zbucks w/out waiting forever?

  25. pooki3boo said,

    why dont yall people just put stuff that works im tired of the stupid zchievements and im tired of all the hackers sumone put up a real code that works!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. dmeta10 said,

    Here is some cheats:


    Submitted by: sweethart5w

    How to stay asleep.All you have to do it type //afk in the talk box.

    Stay asleep:
    Well people can doo it but i can’t yoo can stay asleep when yoo click bored
    it has Zzz’s and then it goes off realli quick soo yoo can’t fall to sleep i
    realli want to no pweese
    tell me how to do it

    Shirt, Pant:
    go win canp n dash 3 time

    Unlockable How to unlock
    shirt, pant, pet – Go win camp n dash 3 time

    Double stuff:
    doble click on spme thing then type cv and another
    1 will appear.

    Unlocking your wardrobe:
    Submitted by: Daniel

    To unlock your wardrobe, click on something that has a lock on and pess Ctrl and N
    at the same time. Another one is, if you press f5 and it unlocks it! Or, if you
    want to be good, then just get 2,000 achiviements.

    Rules of Zwinky:
    No-one should be allowed to get boyfriends on Zwinky, so I suggest stay safe and
    ignore anyone that tries to get with you. Make sure you dont give out any personal
    information, such as your email or addres OR phone number. I dont think that trying
    to swear such as putting letters in swear words is very appropriate. Please accept
    the rules of Zwinky, but I think that there should be an easier way to get
    2000 Achievments.

    How to climb on walls:
    Submitted by: Kate

    hold down the left mouse button on the place you want to go (a wall)
    then press tab twice and then enter and you will go there, if that doesnt work,
    just press tab once or three times or four times, it depends on the computer and
    the room 🙂

    Submitted by: christelle

    if u like more games in zwinky u click on a game and wait until it loads then
    at the top atleast at the very top like were the close minimize maximize button
    is then see the http thingy click on that then see the numbers at the last word
    in the http box changit to something 11-23 numbers only thats the only new games
    10 and below are old games.

    ZChat Secret Whisper:
    There is a secret trick for private conversations on zchat which allows you to chat
    with your favorite Zwinky in a way that only he/she can read what you write and no
    one else would be able to see what you’re typing. In order to do this you have to
    click on the Maximize button in the zchat window and then click on the name of person
    that you want to chat with, and start your conversation.

    Cheat to unlocking pets, shirts and pants for Zwinkys:
    You have to win Campus Dash 3 times to unlock these freebies for your wardrobe, then
    you can have more fun dressing your Zwinky.

    Life Preserver secret Password:
    On the Zwinktopia page, if you click Life Preserver you will notice that you need a
    password to enter it. So here is the password! The password is: zafety

    Submitted by: Michelle

    When you randumly want to fall asleep all you do is in your chat box you type //afk and
    your person will fall asleep and stay untill you move or you talk to somebody.

    Submitted by: Maria

    Hey i guess you wanna see an animal or an object.In order to do this, you have open
    your zwinky chat box (maximize it) and type //dog (to see a dog) and there more also
    like //crown //cat or //book.

    Submitted by: Shorty

    If have less than 2,000 zchievements, and you want yor entire wardrobe unlocked,
    I have a cheat for you. Here’s the website.

    Put this in the Adress bar on your internet browser and a website will come out!
    Everything on that website will be unlocked, and your Zwinky will be on the screen.
    Feel free to dress it howver you would like it.
    NOTE: You must be logged on Zwinky

    Submitted by: yasmin

    there is an easy way to get a lot of money on the game alphapets all you have to do
    is go to then download the anagram master
    then open it before you play the game and type in the letters in the box then click 7
    and type in the words then click 6 and type in the words and so on

    Hide your Zwinky:
    If you would like to hide your Zwinky under your desktop, press Restore, then click
    on your Zwinky’s foot and drag it down. Click the Tab twice and then press enter.
    This way your Zwinky will be under the desktop. Now you can maximize the screen
    if you would like to do so.

    This is how to mae your bubble say nothing:
    Submitted by: kisser4eva

    Okay first you move the space bar over 2 or more times and click enter. easy cheat huh!

    Submitted by: Catherine

    When you are in the Omegaad in Zwinkitopia,click anywhere on the wall and press tab
    twice and then enter. You will notice that the picture of the flower will start to

    how to make bubble say nothing:
    Submitted by: logan

    easy just go to speaking bar and type in a plus sign then enter

    Submitted by: katrina

    When your on zwinky go to the end zone and play the game keep on shufferling then wait
    after that click on quit and you will get money even though u never played its an
    awesome cheat.

    Anagram master:
    To earn cash, go to google and search anagram master, then download. open the anagram
    master when you play alphabets. click on number of letters submit letters and you get
    all possible words. not every word will work.

  27. skadoosh said,

    hey i went on wiki answers and i found this one cheat….. ok so u go into ur purchases in ur wardrobe and then press f5 but then u unlock all of ur clothes…. but when u make a new outfit and go to save that outfit it doesnt show up or save…. well i didnt work 4 me and it screwed things up but still tell me if it worked for u!! buh bye!!!


  28. katie said,

    like people stand on the signs so dat u can not get out on zwinky
    and u can’t GET OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and how do u get a couple of hundred zchievements really quickly!!!!!!!!

  29. cat said,

    ok none of this shit works like sereosily the campus dash shit 3 times doesnt work for sure eather or the ctrl and than n or the f5 or the or the cv

    [so when u get some real cheats message me on myspace cus if its any of those the reality is none work idc who the hell u are]

  30. nellyellez` said,

    anyone knoww howw to double your purchasessz ?x

  31. littelgirlbigtrubber said,

    Pl3as3 i n33d h3lp fr0m u i whant to be invesbel in zwink3y if u know how to be invesbel tell me coz i n33d help i wish that i be invesbel


  32. Kelsey said,

    The Campus Dash Doesn’t work!! And neither does the wardrobe cheat and the other stuff apart from the sleeping things. Plzz help. Someone hacked my account and now i have a new one with the lock things!! Plz helppppp!!

  33. Tazz (tazz_y0_sm3xi_biich) said,

    yeh i agree wit cat, none of this bullshit works! ii know that you was tryna help us but these cheats are old and they are sensored now

  34. emily said,

    omg this is g/ a/ y someplace pplz needs to put some cheat codes on that work and dont get deleted. they need to just unlock ur clothes and money wen u join! cuz the pplz with unlocked clothes think they’re better than ppl with the main wardrobe and put you down! D: like on myspace! drift queen get a mspace if u dont have one tell me your name so i can look u up and tell me the cheats or sumthin! tell me where ur blog is or sumthin geez!!!!!!!! D’ ‘ ‘ ‘=<

  35. emily said,

    D= ugh

  36. ashley said,

    damn pplz nothin works anymore on zwinky i wish stuff did but there is a few left if u wanna go 2 sleep jus type in //afk and if u want money rlly fast go play crib gear click on the shuffler 3 time den quit get ur money then keep doin that u get about 300 a day sometimes u get little money but sometimes u get lots of money nd theres 1 more but i cant remeber it ill tell u if i do
    #_# lovz u all if u find a differ cheat plz tell me messg me byez

  37. iknodatancheatforzwink=D said,

    KKkkK first u go to ur wardrobe
    den u click f5 f6 f7 f8 den u log off den u on ur proflei log onto da acc dat has tan den on da zwinky destop u go on a acc dat hasnt have a tan den u log out den on da destop den log out at da proflieden log into ur acc dat hasnt have da tan when u log in der u go u have a tan skin color =D

    • -.- said,

      That made no sense.

  38. shistershark said,

    what the fuck how do i enter my zwinky doll? it wont go onto zwinktopia

  39. jebbgor said,

    what do u mean by winng campus dash 3 times i tried malot more them 3 times& its ownt work

  40. natalie said,

    make zcards free for fuck sake n let the doll clothes be unlocked

  41. Millie said,

    well… Indeed some of the cheats doesn’t. But at least try to be patient. Why dont yous play every single game there is in zwinktopia. Im sure your gonna get your wardrobe unlocked in no time 😀 ~candiiswirl aka millie

  42. zoe said,

    How do you get your zwinky uder teh desktop????PLz PLZ PPLZ HELPP

  43. djahfdsjhfsja said,

    what does e.e and w/e and o.e and that crap mean?

  44. Donna said,

    hey a cheat 4 unlocking ur clothes is go to wardrobe than click a locked piece of clothing than press F5 and its done:)

  45. h3lll0000000 said,

    i n33d h3lp 3nt3ring zwinky 3v3ry tim3 i try t0 3nter i g0tta x th3n try n 3nter th3n it willl g0 0n m4 4c0unt n w3n i ch4ng4 m4 0utfit i g0tt4 g0 t0 4 diffr3nt pl4c3 n g0 b4ck th3n it will sh0w m4 0utfitt its drivin m3 cr4zzyyyyyyyy ¬.¬ d03s 4ny 0n3 kn0w w4t t0 d00 iv3 tri3d d3lt3ting itt n d0wnl04ding itt 4g4inn but it g3ts w0rse 3v3ry tim3 :[
    s000 shiidddd :[ O_________________________________________________O

  46. lalalalalala said,

    hey skadoosh, i unlocked the wardrobe but it won’t save too! do u know a way to make it save, anyone????? plzzzzzzz help

  47. xulry said,

    all ppl say the cheat is ctrl+n sum1 said its ctrl+f+8 nthn happend pllllllllllllzzz if ene1 no how 2 be invisble in zwinky say 2 me



  49. erica said,

    ok ppl u want wardrobe unlocked, tan, and invisible! well the tan and invisible are wardrobe transfers and i used to have it but got the tan instead but i can get u the tan and invisible cheat! and about the wardrobe unlock thing there are no cheats for it so find someone with there wardrobe unlocked like someone at ur school and then make outfitz u like, on there acc then transfer it to ur acc and u will have those outfitz till ur wardrobe is unlocked!

    • Corpse said,

      How do you get the tan?

  50. Kiara said,

    How do you 2,000 Zchievements but dont play games because the ctrl and n arnt working :[ ilyxxx

  51. Lil' Nasty said,

    i really want to unlock my wardrobe i tryed the F5 thing it worked but didnt let me put on the stuff i wanted to put on and it made me do it each tyme i logged in!! its crappy shitty and a waste of ur tyme i want clothes now!! plz? :[[

  52. courtney said,

    i rly want my woredrobe unlocked i also tried F5 its a piece of shit!!!!!1

  53. zeke said,

    im trying to figure out how to post video znotes on zwinky!!as in like instead of a znote,its a video ur sending :'[ PLZ HELP!

  54. Vanessa said,

    i wanted to know if there was a new zcard cheat. I rly want to get that cheat so i wont have to keep asking my friend to buy me things, it’s so weird o.o

  55. Vanessa said,

    can anyone plz help me? if u do know how to get a free zcard im brazilian_princess_ and i dont’t want to go to that website where people say u get free zcard cuz its so fucking hard 😛 i just wan’t an easier way and no passwords needed

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