Video experiements

November 8, 2007 at 5:58 pm (Library 2.0)

I’m doing some experiments with video marketing for a library program.  I’m just getting things started, and i’m looking for input on how the videos look, and if the message in them is clear, and if they’re entertaining or not.  I can re-edit the text portions pretty easily and reload the videos.  I’m thinking that i might need to do that, but maybe i’m just being overly critical or anticipatory, knowing what’s in the videos.  Anyway, I’ve got them over at the blog i made to promote the program, in a vod:pod sidebar widget.  BTW, vop:pod is one of the only ways i could find to embed videos into a wordpress blog.  As soon as i can get the podpress plugin, I’ll try doing some recordings of people talking about books, interviews with people, and so forth.   Here’s the site:

Let me know, too, if the videos are slow loading – i can reduced the bit rate a little bit more, but if i go too low, then the text gets muddy and i like the SimSun font too much to ditch it if i don’t have to.


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