Marketing with Audio and Visual

October 31, 2007 at 5:22 pm (conference notes, Library 2.0) (, , , )

Paul Asay, Indiana State University

Short session in the Cyber Corner.

New theme for the library is “Campus Living Room,” and part of promoting that is making people feel comfortable being there, doing things, reading, writing, watching DVDs, listening to music, meeting friends and all that kind of thing. Part of that, then is using audio and video tools to market library services.

Reel Big Video Contest – contest to promote a certain idea or theme that’s related in some way to the library, get your users to do some work for you creating interesting advertising and interest.

I Love My Library video contest – staff and students create a short video to promote library services. Showed a couple of videos – some good humor, pretty well done on a low budget.

Tools for working with audio – Audacity is a free and easy to use tool. Make a podcast in minutes, get the LAME converter and save it as an mp3 file. You can use it to create oral histories, events, debates, forums, etc.

Video – Windows Movie Maker is pretty easy, and if you’ve got it on your computer, then you’re set.

Using YouTube can be a great way to go.

CDs and DVDs are very inexpensive – make some and hand them out to admin, board members, the public, whatever – fairly inexpensive to generate.

Audio or Video walking tour of the library, library services DVD, short video to highlight new services, library contests, etc.

Arizona State “The Library Channel” is good example.

Have these marketing strategies increased library use? Possibly – in the last year or two circ stats on CDs and DVDs have gone through the roof, hard to say if that’s as a direct result of the marketing or not.


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