Video Blogging – Pre Conference pt. 2

October 29, 2007 at 5:13 pm (1, conference notes, Library 2.0) (, , )

David Lee King – Videoblogging

The same as podcasting, but with video included.  Be sure to check out Rocketboom – 3 minute daily video blog, covers internet culture. 2-3 people in their apartment, very low cost, no promotion funds, but getting very popular, 4-5 hundred thousand viewers per day.

Other terms used to describe video blogging:  Videoblog, Vlog, Vodcast, Videocast, V-Log, Video Podcast

Not: A digital version of a tv show, not streaming video, not YouTube, not digital video news from CNN.

Video blogging is video on a blog. Commenting is allowed, just like a regular blog. Gets the conversation going. Some vloggers will use video comments.

I can’t open it” By Steve Garfield. Very funny.

Broadband makes video blogging easier. Free storage online, easy upload, cheap equipment, video ability is available on cameras, phones, etc. lots of great uses for short video clips of things, and the technology is there to help them do it, find it, etc. – search engine for video – similar, video metasearch engine

google video search

mefeedia – web based video aggregator – set up an account and store video at your account instead of on your own computer.

iTunes – video as well as audio.

Just click on a video to watch it. Need of course computer, fast connection, the usual stuff like that. Need to have a video player installed, like QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Flash, etc.

Use a video aggregator, subscribe to the video blog, then you don’t have to search as much, and you can watch it on your own time, etc. just like normal RSS feed aggregator.

Creating video blogs – need time. Mostly time. Time to do it. Also, mini-DV camcorder, webcam and mic, mobile phone with a video camera in it, some laptops even have built in vidoe/camera capability.

Movie editing software: Windows movie maker is good, Quicktime Pro, Avid Free DV, Power Director, Ulead’s video studio, Adobe’s Video Suite (spendy), Final Cut Pro (spendy spendy)

Online video editing is an option – eyespot, jumpcut, motionbox,

Need a blog – any blog. Blogger, WordPress, work great. Feedburner can be great for getting RSS feeds out

Video is not quite as easy as podcasting, becasue file types vary. .mov, .m4v, flash are the big types, but there are many types. Flash is great, but hard to download for later viewing.

Ideas can be good. What would be good for a video blog? What kinds of content will work best with the media?

Storage/Access – store them yourself, at your library (bandwidth issues – popular videos might take up more bandwidth), media server is good. Or, let someone else store them –, ourmedia, internet archive, others.

I like the idea of doing it at the Internet Archive – non-profit, open, free.

Lots of video hosting places out there. Lots and lots and lots. Youtube is the most popular. You can store up to a 10 minute video. You can get an RSS feed, embedding, viewer stats, but hard for others for download. Blogger has a way to save video on blogger.

What can libraries do? 60 second book review – life on the refrigerator door. Very cool. Booktalks with creative stuff in them.

book talks, PR, Bibliographic instruction, exhibits, interviews, events, tutorials.

Slideshare – slow yet, wonky for sound, slidecasts and screencasts should be short, just like all other videos.

More ideas: Cultural memory project, Local news, video contests for teens, environmental issues, behind the scenes at the library, local places to visit, Travel videos, local attractions, political candidates discuss issues, hobbies, lifestyles.

For more info: videoblogging for dummies, secrets of videoblogging. – videoblogging group lots of good people.


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