MySpace/Facebook – Internet Librarian

October 29, 2007 at 10:27 pm (conference notes, Library 2.0) (, , , )

Part One – MySpace

Aaron Schmidt again – this guy gets around.  He was part of the Games in Libraries workshop i went to yesterday, and then this morning’s session on marketing and outreach with web 2.0, and now a discussion about MySpace and facebook.  It’s called “Whospace?”  I’m interested to see what other things can be done with facebook.  MySpace is in a clunky place for me right now, but we’ll see if there’s anything fresh coming down the pike as it were. – this is where all his slides for this part of the presentation are – lots of myspace profiles of various libraries.

Create content for the sites that has value – games, scavenger hunts.  Polls with stupid questions on them about what’s hip and not hip any more.  Have your YA peeps think up things to put up there.  Don’t be boring or static.  Switch it up, have real people featured there.  You can get a counter to see how many people come to the site.

Part 2 – Facebook

Susan Herzog  –  Eastern Connecticut State University

Talked about all the bad things that can happen when people aren’t smart about the info they put on facebook, and the library’s role in helping students and others make better online choices.  Overall a surprisingly negative  presentation.  Even thought Susan came back at the end to say that she thinks librarians should be there, i couldn’t find any evidence in her presentation to suggest that she personally feels this way.  It was kind of uncomfortable.

Overall, this session was a little odd, simply because it felt very unbalanced.  I went looking for a comparison between the two big social networks, and some information about how libraries are using them.  Instead, I got a great presentation about good ways that libraries can use MySpace to connect with their users, a lot of information from reliable sources about how kids use MySpace is a generally safe way.  Then comes this very negative portrayal of facebook with a lot of quotes from 2005, which isn’t that long ago except for the fact that in 2005 facebook wasn’t open to everyone, and hadn’t started adding the open applications features.


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