Prepping for Internet Librarian

October 21, 2007 at 11:39 pm (1)

I leave on Saturday to attend Internet Librarian in Monterey, CA.  I’m very excited to attend this one – it’s my first time going.  Going to InfoCamp last week certainly has helped get me warmed up for the tech aspect of the conference, and maybe i can take some of the unconference energy with me and help get some discussions going in the sessions i attend.  It’s always so much easier not to talk, but it can be really interesting and heartening hearing other people talk who are facing the same or similar things that you are.  That’s one of the things i loved about Infocamp was just that i felt like i was with my peers, working on a problem or a project.  Sometimes at conferences its easy to think that i’m just there to absorb information, and not add to it, almost like i shouldn’t add to it because it’s not part of the program.  Anyway.  I think it’ll be a good conference, and if i can get a laptop for the event, i’ll try and blog my sessions here for the greater benefit of all!


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