October 21, 2007 at 11:49 pm (1) (, , , )

I’m working on putting some social software tools to work for me as a librarian. For example, i created an “Event” listing in Facebook to help promote an event I’m developing, which will take place next June. Other projects in the works to promote this event might include a short YouTube (and every other video social network) video/commercial, an Animoto slideshow, commenting on local blogs. Some things I’m leery about, and feel free to comment – I haven’t added any friends to my Facebook that are not personal or professional contacts. It seems like it would be awkward and strange to try and friend people as myself to invite them to an event. So I’m not going to do that on Facebook or MySpace. On the other hand, I’ll probably put something on craigslist, in the events section (closer to the time of the event, of course). I’ll also be connecting with the staff of our local colleges to see if they are interested in a. taking part, and/or b. encouraging their students to take part as a fun and interesting exercise in review writing/public speaking.blogstats1.jpg

I’m hoping to improve these stats in the coming months as i get the word out about this program. Feel free to visit the site, but there’s not much there, yet. Give me time…

Any other “social viral marketing” methods that you can tell me about? That are good? And won’t make me feel like a spammer?


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