library 2.0 thoughts

October 16, 2007 at 7:34 pm (Library 2.0)


I’m in the early stages of planning for my library’s Learning 2.0 initiative, but it’s moving right along, and things are going well.  What i find interesting is how quickly things change in the social web – things that were big and interesting and useful and addictive yesterday have dropped away, or become part of the background noise.  The things that drop away are the tools that have been supplanted or absorbed (either actually or conceptually) into larger entities.  So a killer app six months ago has been replaced by a component on a larger, more killer app today, so why go to both places when you can get all your stuff at the one place, right?

Blah blah blah.

The practical side of this fierce rate of evolution is that it is difficult to create relatively static tutorials to teach broad concepts of social software by using examples that people are likely to use.  So, teaching “Social Networking” I’ll use MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  What about Friendster?  Never heard of it.  (Not true, but you know what i mean, right?)  What if, in 6 months, MySpace is in the background, and some other site has risen through the ranks – I’ll have to adjust my teaching tools to reflect that.  This is a big example, and maybe it would be better if i used a small one – When was the last time you built a custom search engine at Rollyo?  And if you built one, how often do you use it?  I have a custom search engine at Rollyo that i built to search only in the library-related blogs that subscribe to in Bloglines, so that i can search for things i remember reading but can’t remember where. Now, what if Bloglines were to add search options to their service – you can search through all your feeds, feeds from a particular folder, an individual feed, all checked feeds, etc.  Then you have a dynamic custom search engine for information that you regularly access.  If it hasn’t been built, it will be soon.  That’s part of my point – I keep track as best i can, but i also have this job where i re-translate these developments into language that my coworkers can understand, and use examples that i’ve found to illustrate my point, and i’m getting to a place where i have to choose between showing people something that i’ve had time to look at, and showing them something that might work better or faster, or be more useful because i haven’t had a chance to get there yet.



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