And now for something completely similar

October 16, 2007 at 7:43 pm (Library 2.0)

Lots of libraries are starting library 2.0 programs, where staff learn about all kinds of 2.0 concepts and fiddle around with tools and win awards for their participation – yay for these programs!  Now, some libraries are starting to offer similar programs for their community, and i say BRAVO!

My other job is essentially Instruction Librarian, and i write a lot of classes and teach a lot of classes, and try to think of ways to help people develop skills needed to work in an online environment.  Most of the time i’m showing people how to use email and talking about what it does, but i often find myself thinking that other technologies might serve this person’s actual needs better – someone who wants to send photos to their family might be better served by flickr, right?  they can post their photos online, keep it private for their family, and not waste space on everyone’s computers by sending emails to everyone.  But i can’t really explain flickr to someone who doesn’t have the basic knowledge of email, etc.  So, we do email.   But I keep thinking about it, and if we could build a 23Things type of situation for our patrons, then once i have a person “ready for the next step” then i can point them to a particular module (for flckr, say) or to the program, and they can take off at their own speed, and know that they can ask questions and make comments along the way, and someone will respond to them in the context of their questions – so, rather than them sending an email to the library about the program, and having someone retrace their steps from that, they can comment on a post or a page, and we can respond in that same environment, so that the question and answer are tied to the source of the question, for the benefit of all.

I’ll keep you all posted regarding my library’s exploration into this area – once we’ve completed our program for staff, it could certainly go to the public, too.


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