infocamp day two

October 14, 2007 at 6:52 pm (1) ()

Interesting day, today – last night i hung out in the hotel bar and talked at length with an Australian couple, and met a librarian who was in town for a different conference thingy – the YALSA teen read week kick off.  So that was interesting.  Small world and all that.

Back at the Camp, Day 2 has a little different feel to it than Day 1 did – on the first day, there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and we filled up lots of the session times – 18 out of 20 time slots, which is pretty good for 80-90 people, i think.  The librarians (myself among them) hung out all day in the Conference Room, session after session, and had a great time talking about things.  Today, there are fewer people, or they’re trickling in slowly throughout the day, so it’s harder to tell how it’s really going, and it’s probably harder to get a coherent flow going, with that kind of dynamic in place.  Or out of place.  Or whatever.

I did a session yesterday on Practical Uses of Social Software in libraries, and talked a bit about using wikis and flickr and blogs, etc.  We watched one of the common craft videos, just because everyone was talking about it.  An hour was enough time to get the conversation up and running, but not enough to get some of the feedback i was looking for – there seems to be an optimum time frame for participants to start feeling comfortable contributing in these sessions, but it’s different depending on the topic, or maybe also depending on how the presenter presents themselves.  Like, there are things you can do in a presentation to engage your audience, and if you don’t do that, then people are happy to let you talk as long as you want.

Today, I’m doing a follow-up session – there’s a lot of interest in the social software phenom and an interest in talking about what it means, so we’ll see what happens. Time to start the session.  Back soon.



  1. kegill said,

    Here is a link to CommonCraft videos — they’re great for explaining the social web. 🙂

  2. Dan O'Brien Muzyka said,

    Hi Sam,

    One thing I noticed about the second day is that, since we consolidated related session topics, there were fewer groups meeting but each one was larger than the ones on Saturday (or at least the round table discussion sessions I attended on Saturday). The two discussions I attended on Saturday only had 4 or 5 people each, so everyone had ample opportunity to participate. I think maybe the circumstances on Sunday allowed for a situation where some people (like me) gave in to their introverted tendencies because there were so many other people talking.

    I think it would be really cool next year if there were an organized social event on the evening of the first day, so that those of us from out-of-town could get to know everyone else. Or, maybe we could even do something the evening before the first event (though that would be more difficult to attend for those of us driving in from Portland-Vancouver metro area). What do you think? I’ll have to add that idea to the wiki.

  3. Kristen said,

    Dan said above, “I think it would be really cool next year if there were an organized social event on the evening of the first day, so that those of us from out-of-town could get to know everyone else.”

    And… that’s happening at InfoCamp this year!

    We’re having an InfoParty on Saturday night! It’ll in the same building as the rest of InfoCamp, and we’ll provide dinner and drinks so you don’t have to go elsewhere to eat and socialized. We just nailed this down, and I’m so excited that it’ll happen! (More info on this year’s wiki: – see the FAQ page.)

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