October 8, 2007 at 4:41 pm (1)

Well i did a bit of work making a squidoo lens as an alternative to the wiki, but i don’t think it’s the best vehicle.  I’m thinking one of these wordpress blogs might end up being the best way to go – i could have a blog on the front end, and use the pages feature to profile each lesson.  Heck, i guess i could do it all on this blog, and just consolidate.  The comments on each lesson could be more effective/intuitive than the discussion portion of the wiki – wiki discussion pages seemed intimidating to me at first, even though there is little difference between them and a comments section in a blog.  Interface and control – on the blog, the interface is comfortable and familiar.  Also, when you comment on a blog, there is structure and order, which gives the illusion that someone/thing has control over the blog, whereas the wiki, by design, gives the illusion that no one person has control over what’s going on.  I say illusion, because i think in most cases of wiki use, there is usually an administrative person or group of persons that moderates the content of the wiki.  It’s a great collaborative tool, but with a few exceptions it works best for focused projects and uses by small groups with set roles and goals.  Of course, Google Docs also works great for exactly that type of circumstance, without the worry of random spammers filling your pages with links to various products and services that you have no interest in.  If something like Google Docs is better suited for the things that most wikis are best suited for, then that will leave for wikis only “group projects with set goals, the process and product of which should be viewable by a wide audience.”  as opposed to just the members of the group.

Back to squidoo – i have a series of classes that i’m developing for the library called “FindInfo” and then a topic.  So a typical class title will be something like “FindInfo: Travel” or “FindInfo: eBay and online shopping”

I think Squidoo might be the perfect place for this class series – i can put the content of the class online, along with all the links to places visited and discussed in the class, as well as other internet content – it makes it easy to pull information from del.icio.us, amazon, flickr, and YouTube – so if there’s a video or a photo series that helps teach your topic, then this can be a really easy way to put it together.  It also might be good for some of the presentations I’m putting together on various web 2.0 tools.  A blog or wiki is nice, but adding multimedia content can be a pain, or just impossible.  ttfn


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