Status report?

September 17, 2007 at 3:29 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s been a little while since i blogged.  Here are some things I think about that:

Some things that i do with this blog:  Keep track of new sites and tools that i find that might be of interest to me, my co-workers, or librarians in general.  Keep track of what’s going on with the Library 2.0 wiki.  Keep track of all the profiles i’ve made at other 2.0 sites.

Some things I don’t do:  Provide opinions about trends in library science.  Dispute/support claims made by others regarding web 2.0, internet evolution, technological development, etc.

I do read a lot of other blogs in the biblioblogosphere (enough that i know what that word means…) and the ones that i enjoy most out there tend toward the thought-provoking and opinionated ones.  There are a couple of blogs that i read that review sites and tools from a librarian perspective, and they do a good job – lots of the tools that i end up working with or reviewing here come from those blogs.

So then I have to ask, should i continue blogging?  Why did i start blogging in the first place?

A:  I started blogging to see what blogging was all about.  My first blog ever was at MySpace.  It was clunky, and often erased an entry before i had time to post it.  Very annoying.  So i moved to Blogger, and basically reviewed books, movies, music, and other media.  People weren’t banging down my door to read it, but then again, i didn’t expect them to.  It was good exercise for writing.  After i had had that blog for a while, I started a couple more blogger blogs for very limited purposes, then in January or Feb. of this year, I started this blog, as a back-up for the wiki, just to keep track of all the stuff that was going on with it.  I was also in charge of my library’s work blog.

So then what happened?

Well, I got all these 2.0 profiles out there in the world, and began to see how some of them worked well together, and others worked well for what i liked to do on the Internet.  For book reviews i had goodreads, and it connects to Facebook, which is a much better social hub than MySpace ever was.  Those are the two big ones for me, personally.  That’s kind of left my Blogger blog out in the cold.  As far as this blog goes, I’ll keep using it for what i’ve been using it for – notes on what’s going on with the things that I’m working on, so that i can come back later and remember what i was doing, or talking about, or looking at.

Ah, it’s good to sum things up from time to time, so that next week i can get all gung-ho about something and completely destroy my carefully re-established self-image.


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