Something interesting

August 14, 2007 at 12:03 am (Uncategorized)

Cool new concept/site/tool found via iLibrarian called “BlogTalkRadio.”    I’m going to try it out, but my first attempt to register got me an error message.  What i like about it is that it’s lo-tech – you can record your shows over the phone, which is good for me, since i don’t have a mic at my computer.  I wonder how my guitar will sound over the phone… just kidding.  No one wants to hear that.  But I think I’ll try it out with something that i can talk lots about, like science fiction, and use that as a means of testing it out.  I could see this as a great tool for YAAB (you know, teens?) groups to create their own radio show with news, reviews, and interviews, etc.  Apparently it works best in IE, and there are things that won’t work in Firefox.  Gr… Maybe when it comes out of beta, those things will be fixed.

I’ll keep you posted if i do get a show up and running.


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