wiki updates

August 6, 2007 at 4:38 pm (Uncategorized)

The spamming has been stopped, as far as i can tell, over at the library 2.0 wiki.  It’s a real treat to open up the main page, or any random page, and have it be the same as the last time i looked.  Granted, wikis are supposed to be updatable by anyone, and it would also be a real treat if other people were working on the wiki – that being said, i don’t know if my wiki content is the ideal category of content for a wiki, in that i have a goal in mind that i haven’t communicated to all the random people in the biblioblogosphere, so I’m as likely to go in and tweak someone’s addition to the wiki as anything else.  But, if the only way people have of getting me the information is to add a link or a paragraph in some random place in the wiki, then i guess that is what it is, and I’ll make due.

Because the spamming has stopped, i feel like i should put the master list back up on the wiki, so that it’s all in one place again, and free again, and not tied up in a blog that i could erase tomorrow.  The wiki is there for good (relatively speaking, in terms of the archival quality of electronic information), even if i went in and erased every page, there would still be a history of every page, and a person could go back in time and pull up the last good version of every page and recreate it.  I’ve put the master list on it’s own page now, to keep the front page looking nice.  You can get to it at


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