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July 9, 2007 at 7:58 pm (Blog Reviews)

My latest “Blog Of Note” is Gather No Dust, another library blog that distinguishes itself from the myriad of other library blogs in that it is written by a library manager.  It’s a Blogger blog, with a really straightforward look and feel to it, but with a customized header.  The library manager, Jeff Scott, posts regularly – once every day or two – this is another distinguishing feature for the blog, as most management level blogs that i’ve come across are not frequently updated.  Scott provides a needed perspective on technology implementation in libraries, and it’s nice to see some candid writing about the problems he faces as a library manager.  A nice post to get started with is A Technology Pledge.



  1. Jeff said,

    Thanks for the mention. I am glad I am providing a unique perspective.

  2. supercrazylibrarianguy said,

    You’re welcome – it can be tough to blog regularly, and I bet a lot of people appreciate that you take the time to post thoughtful things.

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