Event search engine

May 16, 2007 at 1:28 am (Uncategorized)

Oyaka is an event search engine. You type in the name of the event you’re looking for, and it tells you where and when it’s happening. I think it’s pretty new, and so it’s still got a ways to go before it’s ‘smart’ about it’s results. For example, many different bands that I know are touring showed up with 0 results in the list. I searched for “Muse” – a pretty famous band that’s touring the world right now, and got some results for the band as well as results for “museum” exhibits. There doesn’t appear to be much in the way of metadata searching – i tried searching for “punk” and “rock,” and got unsatisfactory results. If the word isn’t in or part of the title of the event as it’s publicised, then you get nothing.

Also, on home page there are links to main types of searches, like “Sports” and “Theatre.”  I clicked on Theatre and searched my local area (Portland, OR).   Because Portland is near the bottom of the list in the sidebar, when the results came back i thought nothing had happened, because the page reloaded with me in the same spo, far down the page.  I had to scroll back to the top to get to the four results, two of which were outdated.  The two that were outdated were for the opera.  I’m going to the opera in two days, and that show isn’t on the list.  This might mean that it’s sold out, but it’d be nice if they included sold-out shows in their list so people don’t think they’ve gone crazy, and missed the boat.

Also, what constitutes an event?  Are movies an event?

Will people be able to upload information about their own event, and provide links to ticket sales and all that kind of stuff?  Wouldn’t it be great to fill in a quick form for some event you’re hosting, and have people be able to find it by keyword or subject?

Still. A good idea, and I’ll be going back to it periodically to see what kinds of improvements they make. Maybe since I linked to them in this blog, they’ll do some kind of trackback to this post and be one of one people to read it. And maybe they’ll think I came up with some interesting points and they’ll be able to make their search engine better. Or not. Who knows?


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