Wiki Upgrade

April 29, 2007 at 7:24 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, I’ve made some major upgrades to the wiki – no pictures yet, though – I found out that the Library Instruction Wiki opted not to do document uploads of any kind. I’ll have to look into that, but for now the screenshots will have to wait until another day.

Secondly, I’ve added some consistent navigation elements to all the pages. I wish I had cascading stylesheets for the wiki – maybe that exists and I don’t know about it, or maybe it’s just something that can be done at the admin level. Regardless, the table of contents floats along with people wherever they go in the pages is on every page of the wiki now, giving a better level of navigation – you don’t have to click back to the main page every time to get to your next step.

I’ve also added some master lists to the start page, with all the 2.0 sites that I look at in the tutorials, as well as the main blogs that I draw from and a list of wikis and wiki software.

There’s also a huge, unsorted list of all the links in the whole site, a massive bibliography that’s just a huge mess at this point. I’ll try and annotate and order things a little better as time goes on. I wanted to put all these things on the main page so that it could remain a kind of “one-stop-shopping” spot for the wiki, without people having to click through to other pages for the things they want.

I’m also thinking that I need to talk a bit about Open Source as a concept, since Open Source software is behind many different social software applications, and makes a lot of 2.0 technologies possible.

Of course, if I add a section on Open Source, I’ll have to go through every single page and add navigation to it in the new navigation box… Oh well.

Check it out and see if it looks/feels better to you.

Oh, and I’m thinking about moving my Computer Classes At Any Library wiki into a WordPress Blog, so that I can upload photos. I guess that’s all part of 2.0 – finding the right tool for the job.



  1. Susan said,

    Love the new navigation! It isn’t floating for me in FireFox 2.0, but with this new format having shortened pages, that’s fine.

    I’m looking at an open source taxonomy tool right now. It looks pretty cool, love that it takes content in xml, but am annoyed that the other file format is skot. WTF? And annoyingly, the tool I need to get content out of only provides it in csv because that tool & its devs are totally fuxxored. So I’ll have to convert csv to xml. But it might work. Unless we can get my company to just outright buy us a $50K taxonomy software tool. Not necessarily unlikely, but definitely open to debate… That’s the fun I’m having with open source at the moment.

    Looking at blogging & social networking, I was wondering where livejournal falls. On the one hand, blogging makes sense, on the other, with the friends list which is basically rss’s of your friends, there’s also a social networking aspect to it. Also, pretty old skool now (since they’re like, four years old or something) social networking places are tribe & friendster. Don’t know anyone still doing friendster, but I know a couple die-hard tribe folks.

    Yay! This is looking like a really nice resource! Fabulous work!

  2. supercrazylibrarianguy said,

    Whoops – I guess “floating” was the wrong word – that would mean that it stays in the same place while you scroll down. No, it doesn’t do that, it’s fixed, but it’s… what’s the word… I don’t know. There’s a term for it. Consistent navigation! Maybe.

    Friendster seems to be out of the public eye these days, but I’ll check out tribe. The thing about LiveJournal, it’s got some age on it, and people still use it, but it’s kind of a bummer that you have to have a LiveJournal to comment on LiveJournals. Since there are hardcore bloggers in WordPress and Blogger and all over the place, it’d be nice if you could comment from your home rather than from some made-up location that you don’t want to use. On the other hand, it might appeal to some folks, also, right?

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