Global Voices Online

April 15, 2007 at 6:53 pm (Blog Reviews)

Global Voices Online aggregates blog posts from around the world, organizing them into a vast array of categories, by topic and region. You can try and get all their news, but it’s a lot of posts – i find it works better if you subscribe to a feed to a topic of interest, or a location of interest to you. I currently subscribe to the Media RSS feed, which gathers blog posts from all over the world about reporters, bloggers, and media-type people, and what is happening to them or because of them. One of my favorite posts from this blog is about a man in China who bought a home only to have the land sold out from beneath him. He refused to move, even when all the ground around his house was dug away.  Great pictures, as well and an interesting story.

If you go to the main site at Global Voices Online, there are a couple of drop down menus where you can pick a specific topic or geographic region, and read posts. It’s a nice clean site, and having some news from beyond my usual realm of thinking helps me stay aware of the varying perspectives and issues around the world that don’t make it into the mainstream media.


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  1. Susan said,

    Kind of along these lines is Also related sites of, &, &… a few others. When I read nothing else in a day, I’ll check in on the metafilters. Good times!

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