13 – Music resources, tools, sites

Music oriented social networking sites all have very similar features, but have different ways of presenting those features, different levels of usability, and maybe a different focus for their sites. Most sites have a software component that you download onto your computer that interacts with the online site. By using the service, you create a kind of personalizable radio station. The more you listen and mark your preferences, the better your listening experience becomes. Most sites like this are free for basic features, some have more features if you pay for an upgrade.

  1. Go check out some different music sharing sites. Look around their home pages and see which one appeals to you.
  2. You might not be allowed to put one of these programs on your work computer, so if you want to try one out you might be stuck doing it on your home computer.
  3. Either way, be sure to tag these sites in del.icio.us, and write a blog post about them. What appeals to you about the service? What repels you? Is this anything that a library could ever make use of? Is it something you would make use of? Are CDs dead?

On a slightly different note, these sites aren’t generally the kind of places where you can get the actual sound files of songs that you want. Mostly they give you the ability to listen to songs online. If you want to find places that sell music, check out Finding DRM Free Music Online (http://www.techcrunch.com/2007/08/24/finding-drm-free-music-online/) courtesy of TechCrunch.


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