12.1 – YouTube

  1. Go to YouTube (http://www.youtube.com) and set up an account.
    • You don’t need to have any videos to upload to make an account at YouTube, and there are many other things you can do at YouTube while you’re working on your incredibly interesting and funny short film
  2. Your profile will look very empty – at this point, you have no videos, no favorites, no subscriptions, no video log, no nothing. Change that by finding other people’s videos and adding them to your lists.


Things To Do

  1. Search For cool videos.
    • Library patrons are always looking for videos to help them learn to play musical instruments. Try searching for “Guitar Lessons.”
    • It’s fun to see what other libraries are doing with video promotion. Try searching for “Summer Reading” or “Library Promotion.”
  2. Add To Favorites.
    • If you find a video that you like, select “Add to favorites.” A small form will open up, asking you to “Save To Playlist.” If this is your first favorite, select “New Playlist” from the drop-down menu, and make a short description of the playlist. “Library Related,” or “Guitar Lessons,” etc.
    • Next time you favorite a video, the playlist you created will be in the list, but you can always make more.
  3. Customize the look of your profile page.
    • From your profile page, select “Edit Channel.”
    • Pick a color scheme.
    • Remove page elements that you don’t use.
  4. Add friends.
    • When you’re watching a video, you’re on the video page – there’s no “add to friends” feature there. If you click on the user name of the person/entity that uploaded the video, you are taken to their profile. You can see their page, favorites, subscribers, etc. There is a link there to add them as a friend.
    • As you visit other library-related users, you’ll find other interesting videos and friends to link to. This is what social networking is all about.
  5. Add your YouTube profile to your blogroll.
  6. Write a blog post about how much cooler your library promo video will be than all those other ones out there.

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